Nonprofit Veteran Mazarine Treyz Discusses Women Overcoming Fear Of Asking In The Workplace

Tune in to today’s episode of Talking Shizzle, which is 🔥HOT🔥 off the podcast press. We sit down and talk some shizzle with Mazarine Treyz, who is an entrepreneur and good friend of ours here at Creative Shizzle. One of Mazarine’s goals is to help create a better, more equitable work environment for everyone, and during this episode, we talked about this goal plus so much more.

Exploring The Benefits Of Crypto-Philanthropy With Josh Hirsch Of The Giving Block

Today’s Shizzle 🔥 is all about Josh Hirsch, and he is a great friend of The Talking Shizzle Team. We start by discussing Josh’s current work in cryptocurrency, philanthropy, and his work with The Giving Block. Josh explains that cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, yet many still do not understand it. And while we totally agree; cryptocurrency isn’t very new, but new in some ways you can put it to use for good.

Taking a Snapshot of 2022, to Inform your 2023 with Steve Lausch and Sarah Sebastian

In today’s episode of Talking Shizzle🎙️, host Taylor Shanklin and trusty side kick WillBill sit down with Steve Lausch and Sarah Sebastian from the organization OneCause. The conversation is electric⚡! The Creative Shizzle Team hits a home run ⚾ here with this snapshot of information from 2022, which can heavily lead into your 2023 planning and strategy.

How To Rise Above The Noise with David Brier

Get ready and make sure you’re sitting down folks; because today’s Shizzle is all about David Brier. Talking Shizzle’s host Taylor Shanklin asks the questions that are worthy of your listen. For instance; David has amazing fire-breathing skills 🔥 Who would have known?! So make sure you are wearing your flame retardant clothing for this fire starter! 😂

Entrepreneurial Journeys & New Frontiers in Medicine with Greg Shanken

In today’s episode, host Taylor Shanklin sits down with Greg M. Shanken who is an entrepreneur from Boulder, Colorado. He started his entrepreneurial journey when he was five years old, and he has since then built a successful career in marketing and business. In this talk, he shares his story and some advice for other entrepreneurs.

Courage & Confidence with Ashley Belanger

Ashley is a big fan of ice cream and says that she always has a spoon handy in case someone offers her some. The spoon earrings are 100% functional and Ashley says they’re a great way to be prepared for any situation.