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February 15, 2023

Taking a Snapshot of 2022, to Inform your 2023 with Steve Lausch and Sarah Sebastian

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Taking a Snapshot of 2022, to Inform your 2023 with Steve Lausch and Sarah Sebastian

Show Notes

In today’s episode of Talking Shizzle🎙️, host Taylor Shanklin and trusty sidekick WillBill sit down with Steve Lausch and Sarah Sebastian from the organization OneCause. The conversation is electric⚡! The Creative Shizzle Team hits a home run ⚾ here with this snapshot of information from 2022, which can heavily lead to your 2023 planning and strategy. Introductions first though-

Steve Lausch is the Director of Product Marketing, serving as a nexus for senior Product, Marketing, and Sales leadership. In addition to his 6 years of fundraising tech experience, Steve has served in various marketing capacities in Automotive Retail CRM & Martech. And — Sarah Sebastian is the Director of Corporate Communications at OneCause. She’s a marketer and brand geek at heart with eight years of experience in the nonprofit tech space. Outside of work, Sarah can be found reading, hiking, kayaking, and getting lost in the woods while photographing birds.

OneCause focuses on fundraising and marketing, and how they use data to help guide their planning. Steve, Sarah and Taylor talk about the importance of planning, fundraising, and marketing for the upcoming year, and provide guidance on how to use the data uncovered in the annual report to make the most informed decisions. The OneCause Annual Nonprofit Survey and Fundraising Outlook Report has been conducted for five years, and the report is being released for the third year. 900 unique nonprofit voices spoke to the survey, ranging from completely volunteer-led organizations to large national organizations. 28% of respondents were executive directors, 31% were development vice presidents, and the rest were event directors. The survey data is meaningful, as over 80% of respondents influence technology purchases for their respective nonprofits. The goal of the survey and report is to get a snapshot of the nonprofit world and provide meaningful data that can be used to help nonprofits. Find out more about the annual report and the MOST important details to takeaway in today’s chat plus way more, like:

📌 Overview of OneCause.

📌 Summary of One Cause’s 2022 Nonprofit Trends Report.

📌 Analyzing the 2022 Fundraising Report to Inform Future Actions.

📌 Key Report Findings & Takeaways.

📌 The Events Space in 2023 and What it Looks Like.

📌 Benefits of Hybrid Events for Nonprofits

Get in touch with Steve and Sarah to talk about the Annual Report;





Or Reach Out to Steve & Sarah Professionally for Assistance;


And Here is a Link to Download The Annual Report:


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