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Limiting Beliefs & Overcoming Toxic Culture with Katie Appold

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Limiting Beliefs & Overcoming Toxic Culture with Katie Appold

Show Notes

As we get closer to the holiday season, we wanted to have a professional on who really knows her stuff. Katie Appold is a nonprofit professional who started her career working in a nonprofit organization, and has strived to accomplish many great things during her career. She is currently an Executive Director at AIRS, Nonprofit Consultant, and Professor.

During the conversation, Katie discusses the concept of limiting beliefs. She explains that a limiting belief is a belief that holds you back from achieving your goals or reaching your full potential. She also shares that she used to have a number of limiting beliefs, but has since worked to overcome them. She offers advice for others who may be struggling with similar issues.

We also delve into the various ways that nonprofits can break through limiting beliefs, both on an individual and organizational level. One way to do this is by recognizing when a limiting belief is present and then taking action to overcome it. Another way to break through limiting beliefs is to form new habits that support positive action.

A great resource for learning how to do this is John Acuff’s book, Soundtracks. In the book, Acuff discusses the importance of discouraging negative thoughts and replacing them with positive, encouraging ones. This resource, plus so many more insights are discussed, like;

  • The Power of Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs
  • Positive Thinking & Positive Self-Talk and Why You Should Consider the Source
  • The Benefits of a Diverse Nonprofit Network
  • How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Success
  • Asking the Right Questions When Joining a Nonprofit Organization
  • Time Blocking for Improved Efficiency
  • The Strength in Knowing When To Begin Letting Go

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