Oct 20

What is Marketing, Really? with Matt Hugg

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What is Marketing, Really? with Matt Hugg

Show Notes

In this conversation, Matt Hugg discusses his background in marketing and fundraising for nonprofits. He talks about how he started his own business, and how he discovered his talent for writing and teaching. He also discusses some of the common marketing myths that he has written about.

Matt started nonprofit.courses as a way to curate helpful content for people working in the nonprofit sector. The site now has over 7,000 videos and 200 content experts, and Matt continues to add new content on a regular basis. One of the things that makes nonprofit.courses unique is that it includes a wide range of topics – from fundraising to accounting to HR – that are relevant to nonprofits.

Marketing is about creating and delivering value to customers. It is about understanding customer needs and desires and then creating a unique offering that meets those needs. Marketing also involves creating a relationship with the customer, so that they keep coming back for more.

Marketing Myths with Matt Hugg:
– The Pivotal Moment in Matt’s Marketing Strategy
– The Power of Marketing: 4 Myths Debunked
– The Importance of Marketing and Branding in Business
– The Power of Selling Yourself: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Obstacles

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And visit Nonprofit Courses here: https://nonprofit.courses

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