Sep 22

Serial Startup & Finding More Audience for Nonprofits with Shawn Olds of BoodleAI

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Serial Startup & Finding More Audience for Nonprofits with Shawn Olds of BoodleAI

Show Notes

Shawn is the Chief Executive Officer of BoodleAI a SaaS platform powered by machine learning that helps nonprofits with donor acquisition. BoodleAI uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help people discover contacts in their network that match particular personas and then deepen the connection with those contacts through messages that resonate. In today’s episode with Shawn, we unlock some very large secrets, that will have you spellbound! Learn about:

Shawn’s past and his connection to social good nonprofits revolving around education. Apparently Sean could not fall out of planes properly- but learn more about his Army experiences that brought him to where he is now.

  • 6 years doing Boodle – bringing machine learning and AI to NP space, enabling and allowing the nonprofit to focus on their mission.
  • Learn about Shawn’s failures that made him stronger, including his time in the army.
  • How did Shawn overcome these hurdles, some tips and techniques to use help get past gear failures and experiences
  • Machine and Humans working together- allows the NP to focus
  • Data science vs machine learning vs AI explained like I’m five –
  • Misconceptions amongst biases when it comes to artificial intelligence
  • Learn about “hidden gems” campaigns and how electric/outstanding they can be
  • AI for good! Boodle works to match donors properly.

Learn more about BoodleAI on their website, and reach out to Shawn Olds on LinkedIn

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