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Season 1

Trusting your own voice with Sylvie Légère

Sylvie Légère has been involved in many different ventures throughout her career, but she has found her focus in working to bring people together and foster innovation. She believes that most people can find common ground if they work together, and she has been working to bring joy to others and help them connect!

Season 1

The Generosity Crisis and How to Fix It with Nathan Chappell

In today’s pan sizzle-worthy convo, Nathan, Taylor and Will sit down to discuss the topic of the generosity crisis & the generosity cure. Nathan shares his background-dizzle and how he got involved in the nonprofit sector – and his passion for helping others. We discuss the importance of generosity and how it can help solve the crisis.

Season 1

What is Marketing, Really? with Matt Hugg

Marketing is about creating and delivering value to customers. It is about understanding customer needs and desires and then creating a unique offering that meets those needs. Marketing also involves creating a relationship with the customer, so that they keep coming back for more.

Season 1

Google Ads 101 for Nonprofits and Small Businesses with Chris Barlow

Chris is a Fort Collins, Colorado Native, leading a career in marketing & sales. Listen in on his startup in the business world, including cold calling, which shaped his desire to take care of customers. This is what lit the fire though for Chris, and sparked him to purchase a course on Google Ads. Find out more about this endeavor, and how Chris utilized this tool to startup! 

Noah Barnett on Talking Shizzle Podcast
Season 1

Finding Oneself and The Burnout with Noah Barnett

Noah is a smart entrepreneur in a crazy growing world of 2022, and he has the marketing juice that is worth the squeeze. (This juice may or may not be from an Arizona Cactus). Learn about cactuses, and whether or not you can eat them, or drink them?

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