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August 18, 2022

Going Niche When Choosing Your Business with Rafi Norberg

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Going Niche When Choosing Your Business with Rafi Norberg

Show Notes

Welcome to our new show, Talking Shizzle! In our very first episode of the Talking Shizzle podcast, we sat down with the President and Founder of Nexus Marketing, Rafi Norberg to talk about going NICHE with your business and choosing a niche target market.

Here’s the shizzle highlight reel from what Rafi and Taylor talked about on this episode:

  • The Idea of Going Niche in Your Business
  • Rafi’s love of Beef Jerky….mmmmmm
  • How to sunset products and focus on what you are best at
  • Utilizing organic SEO to understand your target market.
  • Scalable options for future successes
  • How entrepreneurship takes Significant sacrifice
  • Invaluable Organizational values

Learn more about Nexus Marketing on their website, and reach out to Rafi Norberg on LinkedIn.

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