Nov 02

Trusting your own voice with Sylvie Légère

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Trusting your own voice with Sylvie Légère

Show Notes

Today we talk some shizzle and learn the dizzle, while host Taylor Shanklin interviews Sylvie Légère, to uncover some entrepreneurial golden treasures. Sylvie Légère is a social entrepreneur, impact investor, philanthropist and author of acclaimed book Trust Your Voice: A Roadmap to Focus and Influence. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Smart Women Smart Money magazine, and Make It Better magazine. Taylor & Sylvie talk about her current work with The Policy Circle, an organization that encourages women to engage in their communities and take ownership of solutions.

Sylvie Légère has been involved in many different ventures throughout her career, but she has found her focus in working to bring people together and foster innovation. She believes that most people can find common ground if they work together, and she has been working to bring joy to others and help them connect!

Learn about saying yes, and not being afraid to do things that might not seem much fun, like;

  • Sylvie owns a bicycle shop! So cool! Great way to connect locally.
  • Doing Things That Don’t Seem Fun Initially
  • Learned tips and techniques to strengthen your voice.
  • Skillsets she needed to build a growing and thriving organization.
  • Learn about the process of writing and publishing a book.
  • Inclusion in the Workforce: The Importance of Engagement.
  • Facilitating conversations locally.


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