Oct 26

The Generosity Crisis and How to Fix It with Nathan Chappell

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
The Generosity Crisis and How to Fix It with Nathan Chappell

Show Notes

In today’s pan sizzle-worthy convo, Nathan, Taylor and Will sit down to discuss the topic of the generosity crisis & the generosity cure. Nathan shares his background-dizzle and how he got involved in the nonprofit sector – and his passion for helping others. We discuss the importance of generosity and how it can help solve the crisis.

Nathan Chappell is an entrepreneur who has been focused on AI and machine learning since 2017. His passion for these technologies began when he saw the potential impact they could have on the nonprofit sector. In particular, he saw how AI could help connect people with similar passions. As he researched the topic, he became interested in the idea of a generosity crisis that was developing as a result of the increased concentration of wealth among a small number of people. He sees AI as a potential solution to this problem and is working to develop applications that can help people connect and give to causes they care about.

Taylor and Nathan explore more amazing discoveries including;

  • Precision Consumerism, and what that means.
  • Nathan’s first jobs and endeavors are discussed.
  • Entrepreneurial journeys, including the ups and downs of being an early adopter.
  • The importance of having tenacity and being able to operationalize ideas.
  • Brilliant ideas are sometimes too overwhelming, but crafting them is even more fascinating.

Learn more about Nathan and connect with him here:


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