May 03

Teaching About Diversity and Inclusion for Your Nonprofit Board with Christal Cherry and Renee Rubin Ross

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Teaching About Diversity and Inclusion for Your Nonprofit Board with Christal Cherry and Renee Rubin Ross

Show Notes

In today’s episode of Talking Shizzle, Taylor and Will from Creative Shizzle sit down to talk about racial equity and board development with Renee Rubin Ross and Christal Cherry, two passionate professionals in the nonprofit sector.

Christal and Renee are two experts who lead workshops with boards to help them understand the importance of antiracism. Through interviews and assessments, they build trust with board members and provide them with an understanding of their own biases and how they can use their mission to promote antiracism. They often provide sessions on bias and how to shift culture and behavior, with the ultimate goal of helping the board members develop an understanding of race and how they can use it to advance their mission.

During the conversation, Renee and Christal shared statistics related to board composition and the critical role that diverse boards play in the nonprofit sector. They also talked about the challenges they have faced and the successes they have seen in helping nonprofits become more diverse, inclusive, and effective. It was an insightful conversation, full of practical tips and advice for anyone looking to create more diverse and inclusive boards in the nonprofit sector. Tune in to Talking Shizzle to hear more of this conversation + many more sizzling topics like;

  • Board Development and Racial Equity
  • Collaboration to Support Nonprofits in Their Race Equity Journey
  • Exploring Race Equity Through Board Member Responsibilities
  • Board and Staff Collaboration for Race Equity Initiatives
  • Building Belonging Through Representation and Inclusion
  • Power Dynamics in Inclusion
  • Doing the Tough Work with Your Board

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