Sep 29

Shifting From Agency to Software, Female Entrepreneurship and Empowement with Sheri Chaney Jones

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Shifting From Agency to Software, Female Entrepreneurship and Empowement with Sheri Chaney Jones

Show Notes

Today we talk some shizzle with Sheri Chaney Jones, who is a powerful leader amongst women in the entrepreneurial world. Measurement, Leadership, and Female Empowerment, are just some of the areas where Sheri accels, and we are going to chop it up with her and get the sizzle! 

Sheri is a cereal social good entrepreneur and loves working in the social good space, empowering women & women leaders. Sheri has a huge passion for using data to solve problems, she deploys these skills in many ways, including being a mom of four kids in range of 16-8 as well! Currently, she assists in helping entrepreneurs to better measure and automate their growth and strategy. In 2018 Sheri launched Sure Impact, and built a platform in which would empower her clients with data.

Learn how SureImpact was founded, and began by using data in a meaningful way. This is including a ten-year old girl who was strong enough to write an essay about curing aids, and later on worked with a program in the state of Ohio, on solving the ‘how do we get individuals living with aids/HIV into care facilities?’ By using survey research, focus groups, and best practices, how they could compare those to organizations who didn’t, and provide the information on those best practices.

  • Learn about the 5 Why’s exercise- And how important this one trick / tool can be.
  • Learn how to get out of the Google Spread Sheet busy work, and find out the easy ways to learn impact framework measurements. 
  • Find out the scalable blueprint for success!
  • Passion for advocacy towards women – Coaching is a strength of Sheri’s
  • Learn more about the ‘Women can’t’ mindset’ – how do you help females get out of this head space?

Sheri is a fantastic role model! Don’t let go of your ambition – go out and shoot for the moon! Tune in to find out so much more.

Learn more about Sheri and Follow SureImpact here:





Read Sheri’s published book here:

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