Mar 15

Nonprofit Veteran Mazarine Treyz Discusses Women Overcoming Fear Of Asking In The Workplace

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Nonprofit Veteran Mazarine Treyz Discusses Women Overcoming Fear Of Asking In The Workplace

Show Notes

Tune in to today’s episode of Talking Shizzle, which is HOT off the podcast press. We sit down and talk some shizzle with Mazarine Treyz, who is an entrepreneur and good friend of ours here at Creative Shizzle. Mazarine has been in business for 14 years and has done a variety of things such as fundraising, consulting, keynote speeches, and conferences, such as the Nonprofit Consulting Conference, and she helps leaders and teams step into their highest potential.

During our discussion we uncover Mazarine’s secret of how to take your failures and make lemonade out of them, and how to learn and grow from your mistakes. It is a large key to success if you are able to do this in business, not to mention this crazy ride of life that we are on. We also chat about Mazarine’s dating life, and how she has taken some of this information and experience from dating failures and applied them to her work life. Why not!? Right?! If you learn something, take it with you in all aspects of your life.

The group talks some more shizzle and jumps into Mazarine’s endeavors in the business of teaching, training, and coaching nonprofit leaders and consultants. This kicked off after some intense experiences in the workplace, and in turn, led to using these experiences to help shape others. Mazarine has a mastermind called Asking for More and a podcast of the same name, both of which are focused on helping nonprofit leaders and consultants succeed. This was also the fuel for multiple blog posts, books, and other resources to help people take back their power at work, and help nonprofit leaders understand the importance of addressing oppression in the workplace. One of Mazarine’s goals is to help create a better, more equitable work environment for everyone, and during this episode, we talked about this goal plus so much more, like:

  • Exploring Entrepreneurship + Nonprofit Leadership
  • Workplace Bullying + Fraud, and How to Overcome
  • Coaching Nonprofit Leaders Through Challenging Situations
  • Overcoming the Fear of Asking
  • Supporting Women in the Nonprofit Sector
  • The Benefits of Asking for What You Deserve
  • Lessons Learned from Dating Life: Applying to Business Life + Personal Life
  • How to Recognize When the Vibe is Off

Check out Mazarine Trezy and all the amazing things she can assist with here:

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