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How To Rise Above The Noise with David Brier

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
How To Rise Above The Noise with David Brier

Show Notes

Get ready and make sure you’re sitting down folks; because today’s Shizzle is all about David Brier. Talking Shizzle’s host Taylor Shanklin asks the questions that are worthy of your listen. For instance; David has amazing fire-breathing skills! Who would have known?! So make sure you are wearing your flame retardant clothing for this fire starter!

David Brier is an entrepreneur who learned everything he knows about entrepreneurship after graduating from college. He believes that the school system could teach more appropriate lessons ensuring successful entrepreneurs, which is one of the realizations that has led David to the paths he has chosen. So admirable and exciting! Brier’s journey as an entrepreneur began in New York, where he started his career and disliked certain items about the creative agencies he was working for at the time. He has since grown to understand the importance of maturity and the ability to listen, ask questions and be aware of when to stay quiet. He believes that these are some of the key components of being a successful entrepreneur. Brier has been an entrepreneur his entire life and is now a brand expert, helping others defy gravity and build successful brands.

We dive into David’s book Brand Intervention, and what brand interventionist exactly means. Taylor also attended David’s class on Brand Interventions, which was highly insightful in learning many brand guidelines and transformational campaigns. The group also discusses their preferences for Thai food. David likes spicy food, and when he has espresso he makes sure it is double or triple shot. Boo-yah! This and much more like;

  • Defying Gravity as a Brand.
  • Reflection on Agency Cultures.
  • The Prerequisites for Successful Sales Campaigns.
  • Increasing Sales and Revenue Through Branding, Marketing, and Strategies.
  • The Impact of Branding on Dysfunctional Companies.
  • Overcoming Fear of Standing Out
  • Collaborative Guidance: Achieving Success Through Clarity and Insight

Connect with David Brier on LinkedIn:

Or visit David’s website and make sure to read David’s book- Brand Interventionist here:

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