Jul 21

Grant Writing and Philanthropy: Systemic Issues and Inefficiencies

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Grant Writing and Philanthropy: Systemic Issues and Inefficiencies

Show Notes

Get ready for some serious sizzle on Talking Shizzle with Taylor Shanklin and Will Novelli from Creative Shizzle! In this episode, we’re diving deep into the world of grant writing with the incredible Patrice Schumate, founder of A Village for Good. Patrice is on a mission to revolutionize the grant field and provide affordable solutions and unwavering support to small and grassroots nonprofits.

Join us as Patrice spills the tea on the grant writing process and how she’s shaking things up. She’s had enough of the inefficiencies, the lack of standardization, and those pesky character limits that waste precious time. Patrice is here to bridge the gaps and make a real impact!

Patrice believes that collaboration is key, and she’s bringing small nonprofits together with passionate grant writers. It’s all about affordability and creating a support system that empowers everyone involved. Together, they’re tackling the grant world like never before! But that’s not all! Patrice knows that economic and societal issues run deep, and it’s time to confront them head-on. She’s calling on each and every one of us to take a stand and be a part of positive change. Let’s address the root causes and make a lasting impact! Tune in as the Talking Shizzle Team and Patrice shares the challenges faced by grant writers, especially those from marginalized communities, plus so much more like;

  • The gaps in the market for small nonprofits and grant writers
  • The systemic issues with philanthropy and grant writing
  • The profession of grant writing and its challenges
  • The inefficiencies of the government grant application process
  • The challenges faced by small community-based organizations
  • Ideas for how social good can work better in our society
  • Gatekeeping in the grant writing industry
  • Advocating within the grant writing community
  • Tips for getting into grant writing

So, grab your headphones and get ready for a mind-blowing episode! Listen to “Talking Shizzle” to unlock Patrice Schumate’s grant writing expertise and ignite your fundraising goals!

Connect with Patrice Schumate on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrice-shumate/

Explore A Village for Good and access their incredible resource guide at:

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