Sep 30

Google Ads 101 for Nonprofits and Small Businesses with Chris Barlow

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Google Ads 101 for Nonprofits and Small Businesses with Chris Barlow

Show Notes

Chris likes multiplication – no, not arithmetic – but seeing good things multiply in the world. As Founder and Customer Happiness Director of Beeline, every day he is grateful to help nonprofits use digital marketing to multiply the reach of their mission and the growth of their donors. Most of all, he’s grateful to be the dad to seven kids, and to try to teach them how to live in a way that multiplies good in others. 

Chris is a Fort Collins, Colorado Native, leading a career in marketing & sales. Listen in on his startup in the business world, including cold calling, which shaped his desire to take care of customers. This is what lit the fire though for Chris, and sparked him to purchase a course on Google Ads. Find out more about this endeavor, and how Chris utilized this tool to startup! 

  • Dive Deep into Chris’s background, which includes Client Connections, gaining the first step in relationships, and then building those relationships. 
  • Learn what made Chris choose Google Ads as a starting point to invest in himself. 
  • Advertising is a form of saying, ‘This is something good, let’s help people find these good things/items’, and apply this thought to your advertising.
  • Find out more about how Chris built his business, and gained experience in client satisfaction & google ad campaigns.
  • Why do people go to google? And How would Chris utilize this information to key into a client’s needs?
  • Learn how to bring your audience value, and listen to their voice, as opposed to just talking about yourself, or what you do. 
  • ” People don’t go to Google to look for you “, learn about what this means, and how this plays into a consumer’s googling.
  • Strengthen and stick to your values, and your mission will follow suit and grow!
  • We even chop it up and talk some sizzle about Chris’s first job; we’ll give you a clue… they sang there!

Tune in for another great episode about marketing, entrepreneurship, and all-around excellent shizzle fo’ rizzle. Learn more about Beeline Marketing & Consulting here:
Or Connect with Chris on LinkedIn:

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