Nov 23

Get Noticed and Get Hired with Creative Recruiter Paula Kochan

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Get Noticed and Get Hired with Creative Recruiter Paula Kochan

Show Notes

Howdy! Thanks for joining us everyone; today’s conversation is very VERY current. We sit down and talk some shizzle with Paula Kochan, who is a former college admissions adviser, and has been working as a Creative Talent Recruiter from home for the last several years now. We talk about how Paula’s experience in the admissions world has prepared her for the world of recruiting.

Learn more about the job landscape that is currently going on, rounding out the 2022 season. We chop it up and talk about how the pandemic has affected the market, and this is not necessarily a new phenomena to the recruiting world. Paula highlights how the world of recruiting is a tumultuous world right now, as you see more and more companies making these massive layoffs. It’s not all gloom and doom though as Paula gives our listeners some hope, tips and tricks to get ahead.

We talk about the creative / digital world, there are many different roles that fall under the umbrella of creativity. For example, web development, design, print advertising, audio production, and video production. Recruiters in this industry typically specialize in one area or another, and use their knowledge to match creatives with the right opportunity for them.

Our conversation also dips into the role of a digital project manager in marketing, and how important it is for candidates to have the right keywords on their LinkedIn profiles in order to be found by recruiters. It is also important for candidates to have an understanding of the different tools that are available to them, in order to be successful in the role. Taylor, Paula, and Will discuss the importance of highlighting one’s skillset in their profile, in order to remind potential employers what they are capable of. This is a really great listen folks, we talk about this and much more like;

  • The Importance of Keywords in Your Job Search, and How to Stand Out When Applying for Jobs Online.
  • LinkedIn Profiles and how to Maximize this Network.
  • The Impact of Layoffs on the Job Market.
  • Millennials in the Workforce.
  • The Advantages of Working from Home and a Flexible Schedule.
  • Unlimited PTO: A Flexible Work perk that Appreciates Life’s Emergencies.

If you have any questions, connect with Paula here:


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