Apr 19

Generating Sustainable Donor Relationships through Social Media Advertising with Dana Snyder

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Generating Sustainable Donor Relationships through Social Media Advertising with Dana Snyder

Show Notes

In this episode of Talking Shizzle, our host Taylor Shanklin catches up with her good friend and founder of Positive Equation, Dana Snyder! They chat about all the exciting things going on in their lives, including Dana’s new bundle of joy, Kennedy (Congratulations, she’s beautiful), and Taylor’s business anniversary.

Dana shares her journey of growing with the digital era, from the days of the Facebook email address to now helping nonprofits build their donor base through monthly giving programs. Taylor also reflects on her business journey, from starting as a social media agency to pivoting to teaching others how to use social media for their own businesses.

Dana has been interested in the digital world since she was growing up. She had a passion for working with nonprofits and decided to quit her job in New York and started her own business in Los Angeles. Now she is back on the East Coast, working with nonprofits to create monthly giving programs and help them build their donor base. Other sizzling topics covered in this episode include:

  • Building relationships in the nonprofit world
  • Navigating the ever-changing digital landscape
  • Celebrating business milestones and taking time to reflect
  • Sometimes you need to pivot in order to grow
  • Social media is a constantly evolving tool for businesses
  • Building a strong foundation of relationships is key to success

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