Sep 22

Finding Oneself and The Burnout with Noah Barnett

Noah Barnett on Talking Shizzle Podcast
Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Finding Oneself and The Burnout with Noah Barnett

Show Notes

Listen here folks, we are super excited for this conversation⚡️and how it will impact your day. We hope to bring you some laughs, but also Noah delivers an excellent approach to life, and way more! Noah Barnett brings 10+ years of experience crafting marketing and integrated growth strategies, and has counseled and led B2B, B2C, and nonprofit organizations across industries. Noah was most recently the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Virtuous and ran growth / marketing at CauseVox and World Help. 

Noah is a smart entrepreneur in a crazy growing world of 2022, and he has the marketing juice that is worth the squeeze. (This juice may or may not be from an Arizona Cactus). Learn about cactuses, and whether or not you can eat them, or drink them?

  • Find out about the Second Score Approach- And how do we utilize this mindset?
  • Is the second score mindset a growth mindset? Acknowledging, and accepting what happened, in order to move forward, use this and learn for the next round. 
  • Can we be burnout, even while having success? How will I approach what is next? 
  • How do you workout the how? Noah used Brad Stohlberg “Groundedness” (
  • Slowing down, and focusing in. Stopping and using some disciplinary approaches.
  • Your personality is a feature, NOT a bug. Evolution, not elimination, learn about this perspective. 
  • People can go and take an enneagram test- this helps you find your specific personality types.

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