Jan 25

Entrepreneurial Journeys & New Frontiers in Medicine with Greg Shanken

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Entrepreneurial Journeys & New Frontiers in Medicine with Greg Shanken

Show Notes

INTRO. Ring the gong! We are kicking off 2023 in style. Season Two of Talking Shizzle is launching! This season we’ve got everything you want to hear about in your entrepreneurial journey PLUS more. Let’s start it up!

In today’s episode, host Taylor Shanklin sits down with Greg M. Shanken who is an entrepreneur from Boulder, Colorado. He started his entrepreneurial journey when he was five years old, and he has since then built a successful career in marketing and business. In this talk, he shares his story and some advice for other entrepreneurs.

We dive into the continued experiences of Greg and his entrepreneurial journey throughout his school life and into his twenties and thirties, always having side jobs and businesses. For the past ten years, he has owned and operated a digital marketing agency called Gloss. This year, they have expanded their services to include psychedelic healing and compassionate healing clients, which is a result of personal experiences they have embarked on.

The gang also covers that recently in Colorado, a measure was passed to legalize psilocybin mushrooms for personal and therapeutic use. The topic of conversation includes personal experiences in using Ayahuasca to heal from depression, the potential of psychedelics to treat other illnesses like cancer and addiction as well as:

  • Entrepreneurial Journeys; and Personal Growth within Markets.
  • Client Care and Client Awareness.
  • Psychedelic Healing and Plant Medicine.
  • Cannabis as a Treatment for Depression and Anxiety.
  • The Benefits of Plant Medicine and Psychedelics.
  • Five Reasons Your Website Is Scaring Away Your Best Customers.

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