Nov 09

Don’t Fear The Data, with the Experts from The Data Driven Marketer

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Don't Fear The Data, with the Experts from The Data Driven Marketer

Show Notes

For today’s episode, we shoot the shizzle with Adam Kerpelman and Mark Richardson of The Data Driven Marketer Podcast. Usually they record in their “data basement”, but today host Taylor Shanklin invites them on to enlighten-izzle us on about their work in marketing. They discuss their experience in the industry, their methods for success, and their advice for other entrepreneurs.

The Data Team discuss their backgrounds in video production and content creation, and how they got into the world of marketing and data. They discuss their current project, which is a platform that helps marketers target their campaigns more effectively. They also talk about how they see the future of marketing, and how their platform can help marketers reach the right people on all the different channels that are available today.

It was Halloween not too long ago, and we jump in for the creepiness factor of targeted ads and how they work. Targeted ads to specific people? Are we there yet? Spooky to think! This plus more topics are sizzled up such as;

  • The Benefits and Risks of Personalized Advertising
  • The Importance of Advertising in Branding and Storytelling
  • Creating Content: A Case Study
  • Creating Content that Serves Multiple Purposes

???????? ????????Happy Halloween Everyone from the whole team here at Creative Shizzle!

If you want to learn more about Adam & Mark and the ‘Data is Dope’ Team you can connect with them here;

Or on LinkedIn:

And also make sure to visit their site for some dope data:

The Data-Driven Marketer – NetWise Blog

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