Feb 08

Connecting the Irrational and Rational with Progressive Design with Bryan Zmijewski

Talking Shizzle
Talking Shizzle
Connecting the Irrational and Rational with Progressive Design with Bryan Zmijewski

Show Notes

In this episode of Talking Shizzle, Taylor Shanklin chats with Bryan Zmijewski, the founder and CEO of Zurb. It’s truly a fascinating discussion! We are talking about progressive design, which could help to make people’s dreams come true and make the world a better place.

A little background first, Bryan is a design transformation leader committed to exploring the behaviors and routines of exceptional creative leaders. He has served as a trusted advisor to numerous leaders, including CEOs who seek the value of being a design driven organization. His work as a coach and speaker has taken him to the office of the White House, the steps of Fortune 500 companies, NYSE, and the Stanford Business School. Bryan has leading the charge at ZURB since 1998 and he has consistently challenging both the team and their customers to always strive for excellence.

In the simplest terms, ZURB is a product design company. They look to help companies design incredible digital products (things like desktop software, mobile apps, etc), websites, and integrated services.

Taylor, Will, and Bryan also talk about Bryan’s experience in the tech industry, and that he has been designing products for 25 years, understanding the needs and wants of customers, management, engineers, designers, and marketers. He has worked on numerous products in Silicon Valley, including Netflix and Hulu. And something amazing that we all are familiar with that Bryan had a hand in assisting with is the design of Netflix’s Just for Kids feature, wow! Thank you, Bryan! We talk about Bryan’s amazing lifetime of experiences, where ZURB is now as a company, and who they are helping, plus so much more:

  • Exploring Progressive Design and Digital Creations
  • Designing User Experiences
  • Early Experiences with Streaming Services & the legendary Blockbuster Video
  • Exploring Design Strategy and Inclusivity
  • Building Creative Trust
  • Creative Feedback in Data and Design
  • Understanding How Consumers Think and Buy Products

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