Why You Need to Invest in Good Website Design

6 Core Reasons Why You Need to Invest in a Website During Recession

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for some insight into whether investing time, money, and other resources in your company’s website would be a worthwhile investment.

The quick & shizzling answer?: You need a great website.

Given the daily technological advancements, alongside talks of an impending recession we are experiencing, it’s essential to stay sizzlin’ and on top of the internet trends that have an impact on your organization.

Your website is the front door that most of your customers and prospects are going to walk through first.  A lasting and positive impression is critical.

You might be wondering what impact website design can have on your entire company or organization. Here are the core reasons why you need to start investing in a website, especially during this difficult time.

1. Your website is the ideal platform for showcasing your competence in your industry.

While you don’t want to have shiny object syndrom and chase every new fad or technological advancement, especially during this tough time when finances are limited, you still need to maintain your position as an authority in your field and be relevant in your market. The ideal platform for showcasing that authority is your website. If done correctly, you may gain the confidence of future clients, prove your long-term worth to current consumers, and establish yourself as an important resource for your stakeholders.

But you may wonder, how can you exhibit authority on your business website in a way that benefits the company but doesn’t come across as boastful? Here are a few simple yet sizzlin’ pointers:

Use top-quality photos. Stock photos are acceptable, but real, high-quality photographs of your company, it’s people and your products are ideal.

Make sure everything functions. Quality assurance matters. Perhaps a little shizzling TLC is required for your website. We frequently work with clients who are unaware that some parts of their websites aren’t operating correctly. Establishing authority is seriously hindered by broken links, missing photos, and malfunctioning forms. 

Feature case studies and testimonials. Building confidence in your brand and creating authority can be accomplished in significant part by showcasing sincere outcomes, recognitions, and recommendations from actual clients and customers of your company.

Provide value and substantive content. This will not only improve search engine optimization but also serve as a helpful resource for individuals looking to buy into your business. When you distribute sincere and customer-focused content that educats your audience, you will position your company as an industry authority.

2. Your clients expect a good website experience

Our lives and technology are becoming more and more intertwined each year. Your customers self-educate and self-inform before they buy. They often do this by reading your website and understanding how you might help them before they actually pick up the phone to call you.

An increasing number of consumers start their purchasing process with online research. You’ll struggle to attract new clients or even keep existing ones coming back if you don’t have a website, or if the one you do have is outdated or has functional issues.

3. You can provide better customer service and education through your website

Can you effectively serve your clients without a website? No doubt.

Can you better serve them if you continue to provide that excellent service and provide a central online location for all of their needs and inquiries relating to your company? Definitely… fo shizzle!

Provide free tools and materials to website visitors that could help them with the purchasing process. Consider resources like e-books on how to do something, mortgage calculators, etc. By requesting their email in return for the resource, you can also use these to expand your lead database.

The ways you can use a website to help your clients better are nearly limitless. Determine how a website may improve the lives of your customers by putting yourself in their position and experiencing the purchasing process as if you were them.

4. Your Competitors might have a better website

Plain and simple. Your company is competing for customers’ attention, and you are aware that many individuals research products online before making a purchase. If your rivals have websites that look great, but you don’t, you are losing customers only because you can’t be found online, or your current online presence takes away from your authority and credibility.

5. Websites Don’t Support in Generating Fresh Local Leads

Your website is a powerful tool for generating new leads for your local market when used in tandem with some basic SEO planning and execution.

Working with a web design firm that prioritizes SEO during the development process rather than throwing it away. You can then begin to rank highly in local online searches and recover the expense of your website through increased sales from new clients.

This seems like a good time to add a quick sizzlin’ disclaimer: If your consumers have a poor experience with your product or service, no amount of marketing spending (such as on your website, Google Ads, social media, billboards, etc.) will help your business expand. Even if you might be able to bring in that extra sale, it’s more crucial than any of these marketing strategies to make sure a customer has a positive and shizzling experience once they walk through the door.

6. The center from which all of your marketing sizzles is your website.

Your website should serve as the centerpiece of your approach for enticing, enlightening, converting, and keeping consumers. You don’t just want to attract visitors to your website and then hope they become paying customers. Make a website that serves as the center of all of your offline and online marketing efforts (think of listing live events, relevant conferences, sales promotions, and other limited-time engagements).

Excellent content that is honest, transparent, and centers on the issues that matter most to your clients is one of the key elements that will both attract new users to your website and keep them coming back.

One of the biggest content mistakes organizations make when developing content is assuming what users and consumers will care about while failing to effectively address the queries and concerns that potential customers have or have brought to you. 

We frequently observe companies spending time developing original material for Facebook and Instagram but neglecting to develop content for their website’s visitors. Why not make an investment in your website and sharing that content across of of those important channels?


Without a doubt, you should make investments in your website, but what kind of investments are you going to make and how? more of your time being spent? Increasing the workload for your team? Or are you going to spend money on your website by hiring a professional to assist? All are respectable choices, but you must make a choice and go to work.

With all that’s happening now, we know you want to lessen the cost of your investment while still attaining the goal your desire. And if you’d like some shizzlin’ advice from professionals on how to begin in the areas described above, Creative Shizzle is here to help.


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